This Clearinghouse is an online information search engine for issues concerning the enclosed coastal seas. It has been designed, co-ordinated and operated by the International EMECS Centre with the financial assistance by the Ministry of the Environment. Users can retrieve various information such as water quality, costal and marine ecosystems, landscape, maritime history and culture as well as environmental guidebook on the enclosed coastal seas from the websites covering 21 enclosed coastal sea areas around the world.

  • Environmental Guidebook on Enclosed Coastal Seas provides:
  • Useful information on the outline of each of the 21 enclosed coastal areas in the world, including maps and concerned issues of nature, history, culture, natural and social environment.
  • Information Search Engine for Related Websites offers:
  • A clearinghouse system for users to search information from websites operated by governmental administrations, research institutes, universities, NPOs/NGOs working in the field of enclosed coastal seas around the world.
  • The International EMECS Centre is hopeful that by constructing information system with your cooperation we will be able to link various sectors to effectively communicate and share environemental issues and related data among governmental administrations, researchers, business enterprises, NGOs and civil society.