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  1. Choose one or more searching conditions from 'Sea', 'Country', 'Institute', 'Index', and 'Keyword'. When you click one of the delineated areas in the displayed map, the concerned sea is chosen automatically.
  2. If you want to get information on an enclosed coastal sea in Japan, website related to Seto Island Sea is available. Websites related to Tokyo Bay, Ise-Mikawa Bay and Ariake Sea are under construction.
  3. Pull-down menu will also guide you to your concerned area, for not only Sea, but also for Country, Institute, and Index. Choose an appropriate area, if necessary.
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We have classified the web pages into 8 categories. A web page often has information that covers more than one category. Therefore, each web page appears under one or more categories.
The following is the explanation of the categories.

General Information
The web page that provides access to information in more detail.
The web page that describes general information on and/or area around the sea.
Driving Force
The web page that describes social environment such as population, land use, and so on.
The web page that describes impacts on the natural environment by human activities.
The web page that contains actual data on the environment.
Environmental State
The web page that describes natural environment, such as water quality, sediment quality, biota, and so on.
The web page that contains actual data on environmental quality.
The web page that describes actions taken for the environmental conservation, such as monitoring, restoration, law enforcement, environment education, and so on.
Map Information
The web page that contains map information regardless of the type of the information.
The web page that contains information not classified into any category, such as bibliography, event information, and so on.